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Pursue Excellence.

No Exceptions.

Shared Health Services is a

Premier Wound Care Management Company

Accomplished, Readily Accessible, and Uncomplicated

Shared Health Services, long recognized as one of America's most compliance-focused wound care companies, is changing the way hospitals and physician practices partner with a wound care contract, consulting and management company.


Whether you are contemplating a new outpatient Wound Treatment Program or transitioning management of your existing program we will work to ensure that your team has the resources to focus on wound care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) compliance and quality of care, while allowing you to improve your operating margins by retaining more of your hard-earned revenue.

When you contract with us, our tailor-made support services ensure that you maintain control of your wound treatment program while garnering the wound care support and coaching services your facility relies on, but at a fraction of the cost of traditional wound care agreements. The goal of our Wound Treatment Programs is to heal chronic wounds, improve patient outcomes and prevent limb loss while providing a profitable service for our physician practice and hospital partners.

We support wound care programs associated with Place of Service (POS) Codes:

- POS 11 (office-based)

- POS 12 / POS 13 (Mobile Wound Clinic offered in a Home or Assisted Living Facility)

- POS 19 (off-campus outpatient hospital)

- POS 22 (on-campus hospital outpatient department)

Let's Connect

We are a well-versed team of business and wound care professionals who are deeply committed to our partner's financial success and your patient's well-being. Let us lend a hand in reducing your cost, maximizing your resources, and improving your patient experience.

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