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Shared Health Services is a

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Shared Health Services is a wound care consulting and management company that contracts with hospitals to help them open and manage a successful outpatient based Wound Treatment Center. The mission of our Wound Treatment Centers is to heal chronic wounds, improve patient outcomes, help prevent limb loss and provide a profitable service for our contracted hospitals.

Experienced Patient Care

Over 6.5 million Americans, many of them living in your referral area, experience a wound that won't heal. The good news is that your patients no longer have to suffer. With the help of Shared Health Services (SHS) you can have a clinically and financially rewarding Comprehensive Wound Treatment Center. SHS, long-recognized as one of America’s best wound care companies, specializes in wound care consulting and the development and management of Wound Treatment Centers which treat chronic or non-healing wounds.

Site Evaluation

After a site evaluation and design based specifically on your facility’s needs we will provide your hospital with superior wound care support. Our support will include clinical, financial and operational assistance. Furthmore, we provide wound care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) policy and procedure manuals, wound care and HBO protocols and algorithms, and wound care specific software. Our customizable packages also includes our copyrighted “STAR” Strategic Ten-point Audit Review performance improvement program, hyperbaric chambers and related equipment, wound care and hyperbaric oxygen marketing material, and in some instances for the day-to-day management of your facility’s wound care program. Our marketing materials include radio and TV scripts, a webpage template, a wound care specific brochure, direct referral forms, wound care and HBO monographs, etc.

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If you're interested in learning more about our wound care consulting services or contracting with us for the development of your Comprehensive Wound Treatment  Center, feel free to email us or call us at 1-800-474-0202.

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