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Shared Health Services Wound Care Partnership Teamwork Integrity Honesty and Excellence


Our :

Mission Statement: Features

Our Mission

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Algorithms and Compliance Support

Our mission is to guide

our hospital and physician practice partners in conceptualizing, designing, building-out,

properly staffing, and successfully operating

a community-focused

outpatient wound treatment and/or

hyperbaric oxygen therapy program.

Wound Care Policies and Procedures Algorithms and CMS Compliance Support

1. TRUST - allows us to build a rapport with our partner hospitals and other stakeholders.

2. ALTRUISM - guides us in our patient care and partnerships.

3. EXCELLENCE - is provided to every patient and partner to ensure the highest quality of care and support offered in the industry.

4. CONSISTENCY - enables us to maintain our superior care and support for our patients and partners.

5. ETHICS - define every decision we make within our company.

Our Goals

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Management Contracts Consulting and Support
  1. Provide our partner hospitals with exceptional wound care solutions and support.

  2. Keep our hospital partners informed of both new and proposed healthcare regulations related to outpatient Wound Treatment Centers.

  3. Assist our contracted partners in the adoption of new regulations prior to any negative impact occurring.

  4. Implement necessary changes to specific policies and procedures to enable our partner hospitals to comply with regulations while maintaining profitability.

  5. Build long-lasting relationships by using Christian values as our guide and by treating each of our patients like they are a member of our own family.

Our Values

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