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Where do we go from here? Non healing wound, limb salvage, patient centered, improve patient outcomes, wound care management company

This is a common question for today’s practitioners when evaluating a non-healing wound. Advancements in medicine have made great strides over the past decade, yet every day we are faced with the challenge of recalcitrant wounds. We need meaningful, patient-focused therapies for our specialty wound clinic populations to save lives, salvage limbs, and improve our patients’ quality of life.

Three points to consider:

1. Patients present to a specialty wound clinic because standard or routine care has failed to heal their wound(s). These patients typically present with a multitude of comorbidities, inhibiting the progression of the wound-healing trajectory.

2. Outpatient wound clinics maintain the expertise to identify drugs, treatments and devices pivotal to achieving quality outcomes in this patient population.

3. Shared Health Services, a wound care and hyperbaric medicine management company, based in Johnson City, Tennessee, partners with outpatient wound clinics providing opportunity to optimize their patient outcomes and promote financial vitality while maintaining current regulatory compliance. Shared Health Services takes pride in working with a consortium of clinical experts with the intellectual capital to foster health innovation beyond the standard of care.

With over 25 years working within the wound care industry, we at SHS embrace the privilege of being the agents driving an improved standard of care for all wound care patients, and assisting our partner clinics to answer the question: Where do we go from here?

Terrie A. Dittmeyer, MBA, BSN, RN is VP of Operations at Shared Health Services


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