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A Vital Service to Under Served Populations

Critical Access, Hospitals, Wound Care, Diabetic, Rural Population

With nearly one fifth of the US population living in a rural area, Critical Access Hospitals provide a vital service to many underserved populations. With nominal access to home health care and long-term care facilities in rural communities, the Critical Access Hospital may be the only available healthcare opportunity. Advanced wound care is one of the fundamental necessities in maintaining optimal health and function in a rural community. Considering the rural hospital may be the sole source for patient care, it makes sense for rural hospitals to offer this crucial service line. Without available outpatient wound care services, wounds will go untreated increasing the incidence of infections, septicemia and amputation resulting in unnecessary mortality rates. Shared Health Services is a premier wound treatment consulting and management company providing personalized support and guidance in all areas of wound care, including Hyperbaric Medicine. Our CAH partners benefit from individualized programs focused on regulatory compliance, optimization of clinical outcomes and preserving the hospital and providers’ financial vitality.



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