The Advanced Wound Care Center at Riverside Regional Medical Center

Our hospital partner, Riverside Regional Medical Center, recently opened their state-of-the-art Advanced Wound Care Center! It is the largest wound care clinic on the Virginia Peninsula! The completion of this new facility, in addition to increased staff, and two new hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers will allow our hospital partner to double their patient capacity; accommodating up to 600 visits per month!

We are proud to partner with Riverside Regional Medical Center and are excited about the opportunity to offer high quality wound care and hyerpbaric oxygen therapy services to the citizens of Newport News, Virginia and surrounding areas. The services offered at this newly opened facility include treatment for chronic wounds, stem infections, poor circulation, trauma, surgery, or conditions like diabetes. Our specialized care can accelerate healing, prevent limb loss and reduce the odds of hospitalization. Our team members follow thorough patient evaluation to protocol-driven treatment plans, which include advanced therapies such as: negative pressure, tissue substitutes, casting, compression, and hyperbaric oxygen. Holistic components and wound management education are also incorporated by our empathetic team in a reduced-stress environment.


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