Well, another year has ended and we embark on a new year and a new decade, with so many changes in store. The Baby Boomers continue to age, and although this generation is health conscious, many conditions persist and the impact on the healthcare system is growing. Wounds are often an indication of the overall health of the individual, and we are seeing more and more patients with more significant and recalcitrant wounds. At the same time, regulatory agencies are monitoring the effectiveness and the cost of the care being delivered.

The team at Shared Health Services is committed to assisting our partners to provide the most clinically effective and financially responsible care available. Through research, education and training, we assist our partners to fully prepare the providers and clinicians in the Wound Treatment Centers.

As we face a new decade, we anticipate many changes in our world of wound care. Shared Health Services is excited to assist our friends, neighbors, family members with receiving the best care for their wounds, delivered in a financially reasonable manner. We are excited to offer a variety of models, to enable our partners to only pay for what they need. Keep an eye out for change; that’s where you will find Shared Health Services.

Happy New Year, All. May your lives be blessed.


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